Dulce de Leche Apple Cinnamon Rolls

On Apr 7, 2013

Wow, I was so astonished and handled by the ton of remarks that arrived about my final publish, the Lamington Debacle! many thanks so a lot for all your encouraging remarks- it helped me really feel 10 occasions a lot better about the entire situation! I truly can't convey how a lot your reassurance way to me- it retains me heading and tends to make me really feel like the Work and time I Put in this weblog is all SO worthwhile. I'm truly happy that so a big amount of you are in a position to take advantage of even my unsuccessful recipes! As much as lengthy term kitchen area disasters- I will concern not! hehe. I could even publish a lot more of them, since so a big amount of you cherished studying it! =)

One positive factor do emerge from the entire Lamington mess: my breakthrough of dulce p leche in the type of syrupy compacted whole milk! I've been absolutely obsessive about it lately and desired to discover new uses of it...

So here's what I came up with: dulce p leche smeared on surface of Sugar-cinnamon rolls. But not just any Sugar-cinnamon rolls- we're speaking types with apple company cake filling out them! require I say more?

(1) Dulce p Leche

If you skipped my final publish about the dulce p leche, here's a fast recap:

Basically, have a can of syrupy compacted whole milk- all you have to do is tear the wrapper away and then steam the daylights out of it for 3 hrs straight. Yes, you're cooking the can itself, unopened. How Awesome is that?! watch for it to Awesome totally (crucial), then when you open it up up, it's heavy, beautiful, and absolutely divine!

Here are a couple of tips:
  • Run it below chilly drinking water if you want it to Awesome faster, but don't open it up till it's totally cooled.
  • You can steam it for up to 4 hrs - the lengthier you steam it, the heavier it gets.
  • Vice versa, if you want a more drippy version, steam it for only two hrs.
  • Have a container of additional cooking drinking water handy, because when the container boils, it will evaporate. So you'll require to Include additional drinking water every and every 20-30 moments, to make certain the can remains submerged the entire time.
It's fairly simple to do. 3 hrs appears like a lengthy time, but it truly doesn't require a entire big amount of maintenance. Just put more drinking water in it every and every as soon as in a while. Then 3 hrs later on, you've obtained ideal dulce p leche that soooo good, you'll want to tea spoon it directly into your mouth, which I have done...on many, many occasions.

In fact, I'm not even embarrassed to recommend the following:
Say you have 5 individuals arriving for a supper celebration and you don't know what to do for dessert. Well, why don't you just steam 5 Containers of syrupy compacted whole milk?! Function it up straight from the can! lol. Okok, kidding. But YES, it truly IS THAT GOOD. I promise. =)

(2) apple company Sugar-cinnamon Rolls

In situation you skipped the first couple of pictures, here's a different someone to renew your memory. =) Not only does it flavor good, it's also a elegance and pictures soo nicely! golf tee hee.

Combine 1 mug of flour, sugar, yeast, and salt.

In a individual bowl, comfortable up drinking water, whole milk, and butter till really comfortable.

Then gradually Include it to the dried out mixture. defeat for about 2 moments on moderate speed.

Then Include ova and 1 more mug of flour, defeat for another 2 moments or so. mix an adequate amount of the leftover flour to make the Money soft.

Kneed on a gently floured surface area till sleek and elastic. The formula states to kneed it for about 8 to 10 moments. But I didn't have the patience. hehe. I do it for like 3 moments and named it good. my own nevertheless ended up ideal, so I don't believe it mattered in the finish. Include and allow Relaxation for about 10 moments.

(2) The apple company cake Filling

You'll require 4 big Gran Cruz apples. As big as you can get them! reduce them up into little cubes.

It's quite simple to make. Just get rid of every and every factor into a container: the apples, some flour, butter, sugar, and dark brown sugar. Then provide a steam, prepare for about 3 moments. lessen the heat and prepare for like 10 moments, stirring, till it gets heavy. Include some Sugar-cinnamon at the finish and you're done!

(3) putting it all together

separate your Money in fifty percent and unveil two big rectangle-shaped foundations. About 15x10 in. Doesn't have to be exact. separate the apple company cake filling out fifty percent and equally distribute them more than the two rectangle-shaped foundations of Money.

Starting from the aspect that's lengthier in length, roll up the Money. You'll finish up with a lengthy roll (about 15 In.in length). reduce every record equally into 8 or 9 items and put them into a oiled 9-inch Springtime form skillet. You'll require two 9-inch pans, one for every record.

After you've match them all into the skillet, Include and permit them to Dual in size, about 45 moments.

make for about 25-30 moments at 375.

Allow to Awesome somewhat prior to getting rid of from the skillet. The attributes ought to depart the skillet nicely.

And now, for the greatest part: rub on a good heavy coating of comfortable dulce p leche! One can for every order of Sugar-cinnamon rolls!

Function these comfortable and straight out of the stove for greatest results!

MMMmmm...SO delish!! everybody who attempted these had been so floored by how scrumptious they had been! They definitely aren't your regular run-of-the-mill Sugar-cinnamon rolls, that's for certain! I delivered some house with my buddy Karen, who later on explained that she cherished them so a lot, she consumed two a day, daily for breakfast!

Give these a try- you can By no means go incorrect with apple company cake filling and dulce p leche! YUM!

Click for the formula

After publishing this, a readers e-mailed me, stating that Occasionally cooking a can of syrupy compacted whole milk can be dangerous. If it isn't totally submerged in drinking water at all occasions, it can explode. So you have to be truly cautious about Maintaining an attention on the drinking water level. You can also make dulce p leche by flowing the syrupy compacted whole milk into a cake plate, addressing it firmly with light weight aluminum foil, and putting it in a drinking water bathtub to make for 1-1.5 hrs. This technique is safer. Here's a excellent hyperlink that she delivered me. many thanks Jeana!