The journey begins...

On Apr 7, 2013

A short Whilst back I suggested that I had been built with a large task I was operating on. Well, I believed it was about time for you to allow you to all in on it. numerous Several weeks back Jo and I had been approached by Paul at Greentea style who was thinking about an advert on the weblog. I was excited about this since i had observed their timber, Asian-style cupboards prior to and believed they had been fantastic. I believed about how horrible my current kitchen was and a lightbulb discontinued – why not see if they’d recruit a kitchen sparks task?!?! And what do you know – they went for it!!! They decided to provide me with the cupboards I needed, and in come back I would weblog about my kitchen restoration (most of which will be incorporated on a new weblog) from Preparing right down to the completed product. A fairly great compromise thinking about this is what I was operating with:

(I had to use an aged picture Right here since i know some of you will be unfortunate to see the kitchen - as it is now - go in the dumpster).

I have By no means carried out a kitchen restoration prior to so this is all new to me and I am SO Looking forward to it. The men At Greentea have been so Incredible to use and are so incredibly useful to me. It’s been a little bit difficult with them located in Greater toronto area and me finding yourself in Ottawa – so we have only had been built with a few telephone conversations, numerous email messages and unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to see their items in person. regardless of this we’ve created great improvement Because the beginning.

across the way I’m seeking some guidance from our visitors on choices I have created or have to make, and ideally they will help me to with this and long term kitchen renovations, and our other visitors as well. Also, the people at Greentea are seeking some suggestions on their items and some of the Functions they have to provide on their web site to help possible kitchen renovators in producing their choices. So I’m hoping you’ll depart a lot of comments.

As I mentionned, I will be running a weblog my way car restoration. You’ll see the ideas we emerged with, various appliances, countertop, back splash and lighting. You’ll see the destruction of the beautiful current cupboards, the floors installation, the Plumbing related and Electric involved, Cupboard appearance and installation, and decorating. I will be getting numerous pictures across the way.

I believed to start this process, I’d start with some pictures of my kitchen as it is available today, pre-restoration. Actually, I’ll even start with a few pictures of what the kitchen appeared as if prior to I relocated in (the very first 2) and when I required having the home in December.

As you can see, it was fairly awful, and soooo boring. It was hard to invest any period of time in it. So 1 day, I went to my nearby Ben Moore shop and decided, since I would eventually become obtaining a new kitchen, that I would go a little insane with the cupboards and fresh paint them pink. The back splash was a horrible kind of earthen dark brown color so I discovered some semi-gloss whitened fresh paint I had and colored the back splash. Amazingly, it’s organized really well.

Next time I will demonstrate some of the suggestions I had with some not-so-great sketches I created up to deliver to Greentea, and some of the explanations why I was so eager to get Eliminate this kitchen in host to some thing absolutely fabulous.